Meet the 2010 Board

Publicity Chair - Tracey Ferdinand

·      Creates press releases

·      Maintains press contacts ( media)

·      Ensures all publicity and materials adhere to V-Day guidelines

·      Distribution of publicity materials (fliers, etc.)

·      Organizing publicity committee

-   Contact:

Co-Fundraising Chairs - Maria Briones &  Kelly Scott

·      Plans all major fundraisers

·      Tracks sales of merchandise

·      Cultivation of donor base

·      Organizes ticketing

·      Organizes fundraising committee

-   Contact Maria & Kelly at:

Outreach Chair - Joy Blatherwick

·      Seek community partners

·   Looks for endorsements

·      Works to partner with local non-profits

·      Volunteer coordination

-   Contact:

Director Liaison - Alyssa Phillips

·      Serves as liaison between V-Day Board and Footlighters Boards by communicating with the Producer

·      Serves as liaison between V-Day Board and Directorial Team

·      Main email contact for actors/actresses

·      Maintains rehearsal schedules

-   Contact:

Historian -Jessica Manser

·      Photos

·      Scrapbook

·      Collect anecdotes

·      Documenting the campaign

Maintaining archived documents

-   Contact Jess at:

Have any questions for the Board?
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Meet the 2009 Campaign Organizers

Maria Briones (co-organizer) is thrilled to be co-organizing this year's V-Day Campaign for South Jersey. She believes that every woman has a story to share and that their unique, personal story will help someone else, because we are not alone in this. She is proud to be one of the many voices to stop the violence.


Kristen Daskilewicz (co-organizer/director) is a passionate feminist who is committed to ending violence against women. This is her fourth year involved with a V-Day Campaign and is thrilled to be fulfilling a long awaited dream of bringing The Monologues to her home county.


Patrick Alabanesius (co-director) is a 2003 graduate of TCNJ, and a veteran of All College Theater (ACT)productions, having worked with the company both on stage and off.  He directed their production of Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs.  Patrick is a member of the National Theater Honor Society Alpha Psi Omega and is a veteran of Shakespeare '70, Off-Broadstreet Theater main stage and children productions, as well as Playmasters.

Dana Marie Hough
(co-director)is new to directing, having only Feiffer's People, An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe, and Laundry and Bourbon under her belt, but is looking forward to a long future in this art form. She has performed in and/or served on technical and production crews for over 40 productions throughout New Jersey and in Central and Western Pennsylvania. She currently serves as Marketing Director on the Executive Board of Burlington County Footlighters.

Alyssa Phillips
(co-director) is a recent graduate from The College of New Jersey and is generally seen on stage instead of hiding behind the scenes. She has had experience directing in a few student productions and readers' theatres and is incredibly happy and honored to be able tobe a part of these wonderful productions. She is insanely proud of all the girls and guys that have had the guts to step up and take a stand against violence against women! We can do this!