So tonight was the first night for our V-Day SJC 2010 Board meeting which was held at V-Day SJC headquarters (a.k.a Panera Bread) We met to (re)introduce ourselves, what our roles will entail & to brainstorm ideas for V-Day.

We had a great first meeting!! Some main points that we've accomplished tonight are:
  • scheduling of board & general meetings
  • Tracey creating a newsletter
  • Jess documenting V-Day through hard copies & web media
  • Kristen wants to get more involvement with other organizations & have individuals, businesses & organizations as community partners
  • Kelly & Maria are tentatively planning a bowling fundraiser @ Pinsetters for November. Also in the works will be a 'Love your body' week- self defense class, yoga, massage, sex toy party, pamper day in Philly, etc.
  • Alyssa is planning to do a director search ASAP
What a great meeting to kick off a great start to the new season!!! =D


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