So as a bit of a control freak, I am having some trouble coming to grips with the fact that we had to cancel a show because 1. Mother Nature dumped major amounts of snow and ice on us and 2. Cinnaminson township failed to plow the parking lot of the theatre in time... nothing I could do but it still drives me nuts!
Anyhow... I saw this article in the New York Times and it is focused on the situation in the Congo as well as Eve and the City of Joy... check it out (since you can't go to the show tonight... ugh!)

Just saw this on Good Morning America: 23 year old Alissa Blanton was shot and killed on Monday by her stalker of 2 years, 61 year old Roger Troy- who then turned the gun on himself.

A week before she died, Alissa filed for a restraining order that included more than 70 pages of harassing e-mails from Troy. However, the judge said he did not have enough information to rule on the petition. Was the judge quick to decide on this ruling? You be the judge. 

Post Title. 02/08/2010
This is why we do what we do:

I hope everyone who reads this article remembers and possibly finds new reasons to be inspired, find passion and find a sense of goodwill just by knowing that we can help people like Jeanne. Opening night in three days!

Last night, when I should have been doing homework, I decided to look up some women's issues books on Amazon that I've been wanting to get my hands on.  While I'm searching for the book "Cunt", I find this little gem:

The Cunt Coloring Book.  It is an old sex ed textbook, meant to teach about the various parts of, well, the cunt.  And it's a COLORING BOOK.  How awesome?!

So, of course I have to read all the various comments, and these were perhaps just as good as the coloring book itself.  So many people left comments about how wonderful it is to have a book that demystifies and glorifies the vagina, and even shows just how different and special each vagina is.

I strongly suspect Eve has a few copies of this hanging around somewhere!
Vajazzling 01/23/2010
Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt (Party of Five, I know what you did last summer movies, Ghost Whisperer) was on the TBS show Lopez Tonight on Jan 12 talking about her book she recently wrote called The Day I Shot Cupid coming out this March where she writes about her personal experiences of love & dating. One chapter she talks about 'vajazzling her vajayjay' (decorating with Swarovski crystals). She also recommended that all women "vajazzle their vajayjays"

I couldn't agree with her more =D

FGM in Dakar 01/22/2010
I found this article and thought that this would be interested:

"Human rights campaigners who have been struggling for years to eliminate female genital mutilation (FGM) in West Africa got a boost this week as news emerged that a group of Muslim clerics and scholars in Mauritania had declared a fatwa, or religious decree, against the practice."

Score one for the good guys!

Katie's Story 01/12/2010
Featured on ABC's 20/20 last week- Security cameras in London capture a complete stranger throwing sulfuric acid into model Katie Piper's face. Here's her remarkable story

The City of Joy 01/10/2010
As many of you probably know, the national V-Day beneficiary will once again be The City of Joy in the DRC, as it was in 2009.

When you visit you can now also visit The City of Joy Gift Registry. It's an amazing website to browse. If you can't make it to one of our shows, or even if you can, this website allows you to make your donation in another way by specifically choosing how your money is spent. You can purchase everything from internet access to toiletries for the women of The City of Joy.

If you have the money available to you, I encourage you to think of something you consider in your life to be a necessity--it doesn't have to be big, like a car, but something small, like a menstrual pad. Then, find that item on the registry and help make that item a reality for another woman.

Starting next month our 2010 Beneficiary- CONTACT of Burlington County- will have training to become a Rape Care Volunteer Advocate

This is just another great way to help stop violence against women. After training is complete, you can take a couple of hours each month to volunteer & help with the cause. I completed my training this past November & it has totally changed my perspective on things. Just being an ear to listen to on the phone when you feel like you can't talk to anyone or a hand to hold while in the hospital- maybe be small but it speaks volumes and lets someone know that you are there for them.

Also the 2010 V-Day SJC Cast list came out! Congrats and Thanks to all that auditioned!! A little over a month away til the shows!! Can't wait!!!

Oh man I am sooo bad at this! I was supposed to blog like a week ago... whoops... sorry guys and gals!
SO... anyhow, tonight we had our first night of auditions and the turnout was great AND we (the directors) got out of there by 10! I cannot say how great it felt!
I was astonished at the talent and passion that we saw tonight! Everyone was great, just great. I think the thing that really made my heart glad was the number of people who were not personal acquaintances of ours! We're growing people, our movement is growing!!!

At the director's meeting the other day (which included my mother... how exciting is it that I get to work on this project with her????) I realized that it is thanks to V-Day that my family is so open about our experiences as women. I live with my three younger sisters and my mother. We can talk about pretty much anything under the sun. Last year, our sex toy fundraiser was held at our house and my mother and I both unabashedly attended it together.

My mom, my sisters, and I can all talk about our bodies, periods, boyfriends, friends, beliefs, frustrations and joys in all capacities... we have a wonderful relationship.
I think I really owe it to V-Day. My freshman year of college I saw The Vagina Monologues for the first time and fell in love with it and began to realize that it was ok to talk about these things. Then I was in them for the first time during my junior year and my mom came and so did my sisters. I figured she would either love it or hate it... and thankfully (obviously) it was the former... when the show was over she embraced me and immediately told me that everybody should have to see this show: men, women, boys, girls, and everyone in between.

The Vagina Monologues opened the door to open communication with my sisters and my mom and me. I think it has truly helped my sisters develop into strong and confident women, who know their worth and believe in themselves. I hope that our movement can do this for at least one family... and hopefully more!