So people are generally more giving this time of year, wouldn't you say? Everyone likes to donate a few extra dollars to the Salvation Army or purchase a little toy to give to the underprivileged kid. That's great. It really is nice to think of others, especially this time of year.

But what about after Christmas? What about the people who are in need during the dead of winter? That child may have the little toy you gave them, but they have no winter coat to keep them warm. Their socks have holes in them and they have no soap to wash with. No one is telling them that they can grow up to be anything they want to be. Is this a guilt trip? You bet!

Tis always the season to give. Start now, yes, but keep giving! We are one world, and some of us are trying to keep us united. Go now to the local soup kitchen, women's shelter or even local churches. See what their needs are and then get a few people to donate supplies to help meet their needs.

And donate your time! What better present could you give someone who is going through a rough patch?

Give the gifts of consideration and thoughtfulness. Show someone that they are worth your time. They are  people who just happen to need a little extra help right now. Give them the support they need to grow into valuable, contributing members of society. Don't judge them. Give them a smiling face and a helping hand. What if you were in a bad situation? Wouldn't you want someone to show some kindness to you?

Start now and do not stop giving and helping. Even after Christmas...give the gift of kindness. One world some love. You want the world to be a better place? Make it happen. Tis always the season...



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