This month has been an interesting one for women's health.  Chris Christie was elected, a panel of supposed "experts" recommended women wait until they are 50 to start getting mammograms (and then only get them biannually), and the health care reform bill includes the infamous Stupak ban.  Don't you just want to rip your hair out?

As usual, everyone is working against women.  They want to take away our reproductive rights and stop covering our mammograms.  Funny how they still recommend prostate exams, isn't it?  Apparently, the stress of a false positive from a prostate exam is nothing compared to the stress of a false positive from a mammogram.  The world makes me sick.

So, now more than ever, we have to remind America that we exist and we have rights, including the right to live and the right to make our own decisions.  Don't get too discouraged, ladies.  Call your senators and tell them just how pissed off you are.  Don't let this dramatic era in history destroy the lives of women.



Kristen D

Tue, 24 Nov 2009 17:29:52

Kelly, I totally agree! I know that reproductive rights can be a divisive issue amongst us, but particularly looking at the discrepancy between the way women's health care is being valued and the way men's health care is being valued, we can see a pattern here. Although we might not all agree on all of the specific issues you cited, we can certainly stand together to say that women's bodies are valuable!


Kate M.

Thu, 03 Dec 2009 10:01:49

Jennifer from Planned Parenthood just posted a good article on FB about the whole mammogram business and how it has taken focus away from all the other problems women face. Give it a whirl:,0,5052221.story


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