So while killing time at work, I found this intersting article regarding birth control in Afganistan on

Not exactly related to the issue of violence against women, but still interesting none the less. To summarize the article, birth control is not promoted in Afganistan, and in actuality, they urge families to produce as many babies as they can, in the belief that they are a gift from God. True or not, this can be a strain on a woman's body, and many women in the area are very open to the idea of oral contraceptives. The article describes one mother of 17 children so excited with her new pills that she hugged and kissed her birth control provider and popped a pill right then and there.
After talking to a friend all day about how fed up we are with certain aspects of America, I am for the first time today glad to be where I live. To have a right to choose and to have a wonderful program such as V-Day makes me glad and proud to be a woman.



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